How to Compile custom Oracle forms (fmb) and libraries(PLL) using frmcmp

This article explains how to compile custom forms (fmb), libraries(pll) using frmcmp utility in Oracle Apps. 


frmcmp_batch or is a UNIX level utility to compile custom form(.fmb) and libraries(.pll) in Oracle Apps R12.


frmcmp_batch Module= Userid=<userid/password> [Parameters]

Optional parameters are (default values given):

frmcmp parameter


Steps to compile custom form (.fmb)

  1. Open Putty and login to Oracle Applications UNIX server (apps tier).
  2. sftp custom form(.fmb) file from a source location to $AU_TOP/forms/US. You can also move it to the respective custom top like $XXINV_TOP/forms/US, if you do not have access to $AU_TOP.
  3. Set FORMS_PATH as shown below.

Note: – Above step is applicable only when you are compiling the form on the respective custom top.

  1. Run the below command to compile the form
frmcmp_batch custom_form.fmb apps/$apps_password

This starts the compilation of the form and logs messages are displayed on the terminal. This command informs you at the end of *.fmx is created or not.

If you get an error like bad bind variable ‘parameter.G_query_find’ then that means you are compiling on custom top and not set the forms_path variable or you have not set form development environment during the development of the custom form.

Steps to compile PLL (CUSTOM.pll Library)

  1. Open Putty and login to Oracle Applications UNIX server( apps tier).
  2. sftp custom.pll file from a source location to $AU_TOP/resource/US.
  3. Run the below command to compile the library
frmcmp_batch custom.pll fmb apps/$apps_password module_type=LIBRARY

You can also use the same command if you create a custom library(.pll) file.


We have covered how to use the frmcmp_batch command to compile form and pll library. I hope you found this useful. Please share and subscribe.