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Which are the different Move Order Type in Oracle Apps?

Move orders play an important role in a warehouse or facility. They help planners and facility managers to request the movement of material for purposes like replenishment, material storage relocations, and quality handling.  In Simple terms, Move orders are requests for the movement of material within a single organization.

Move Orders are manual or automatic depending on the source type. The move order type refers to the entity/function that created the move order. In oracle apps, you have three types of move orders,

  1. Move order requisitions
  2. Replenishment move orders
  3. Pick wave move orders.

This information is stored in MTL_TXN_REQUEST_HEADERS.MOVE_ORDER_TYPE table. You will find values like 1, 2….8 in this column.

What is the actual meaning of those values?

There is a lookup in the database “MOVE_ORDER_TYPE’ which holds the mapping of Move order type and the actual meaning.

Below are the move order types available in Oracle Apps,

Code Meaning Move Order Type
1 Requisition Move Order Requisition
2 Replenishment Move Order Type created from replenishment
3 Pick Wave Move Order Type created for outbound shipping
4 Receipt Move Order Type for receiving transactions
5 Manufacturing Pick Move Order Type created from Pick Release
6 Put Away Put Away
8 Reservation  Move Order Type created form reservation

You can use the below query on fnd_lookup_values_vl table to see those values,

SELECT lookup_type
, lookup_code
, meaning
, description
FROM fnd_lookup_values_vl
WHERE lookup_type = 'MOVE_ORDER_TYPE'

move order types in Oracle Apps