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ORA-00000 normal, successful completion

The ORA-00000 normal, successful completion in Oracle means there is no error in SQL Queries or whatever transactions performed are successful. You can simply ignore this message.

As per Oracle error message guide,

Cause: An operation has completed normally, having met no exceptions.

Action: No action required

Let’s reproduce ORA-00000,

Create an anonyms block as shown below.

    l_value VARCHAR(30);
    SELECT 1
      INTO l_value
      FROM dual;

    dbms_output.put_line('Error ' || sqlerrm);

It runs a query against the dual table and prints the value of SQLERRM using dbms_output.put_line procedure.

Run it to reproduce ORA-0000.

Error ORA-0000: normal, successful completion


Ther is no error here. Whatever query we ran was successful, hence Oracle responds back with ORA-0000: normal, successful completion and stores this value in SQLEEM. Just ignore the error.


ORA-00000 is a unique case in Oracle’s list of error codes, indicating that the requested operation has been successfully executed. Application developers and database administrators should be aware of this code to ensure that it is handled appropriately within their error-logging and reporting mechanisms, recognizing it as an indication of success, not an error.

In essence, seeing ORA-00000 should offer reassurance that the database operation has been completed normally and successfully.