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Which are the Common Standard PLL in Oracle Apps?

PLL is basically a PL/SQL library that contains reusable client-side code. You can create a function, procedure, write SQL and even call database package in PLL and then attache the library to a single form or multiple forms.

The approach here is code once and reuse in multiple forms. You can add specific validation, navigation, and cosmetic behaviors and appearances for forms here.

The form just references the APIs in the PLL. Both forms and pll can be modified and compiled independently but, you need to make sure that the package/function called from forms work fine.

Common Standard PLL

Below is the list of common standard PLL in which are attached to the TEMPLATE.fmb form which is the starting point in the development of custom forms in Oracle Apps. All these libraries are stored in the $AU_TOP/resource path on the application tier.

Your custom form may not work or compile properly if any of the below-mentioned pll missing or library attachment is lost.

  • APPCORE.pll – Application Standards, toolbar
  • VERT.pll – Specific industry features
  • GLOBE.pll – Global or regional features
  • JA.pll – Asia/Pacific features
  • JE.pll – Europe/Middle East/Africa features
  • JL.pll – Latin America Code
  • CUSTOM.pll – Customizations of standard forms
  • FNDSQF.pll – Flexfields, Profiles, Currency, Concurrent Request Submission, Record History, Message Dictionary
  • APPDAYPK.pll – Calendar
  • APPFLDR.pll – Packages for Folder Blocks
  • FV.pll – Federal Financials
  • HRKPI.pll – Human Resources Knowledge Provider
  • GHR.pll – Global Human Resources
  • GMS.pll – Encumbrances
  • IGILUTIL.pll – International Public Sector
  • IGILUTIL2.pll – International Public Sector
  • PSAC.pll – Public Sector Applications
  • PQH_GEN.pll – Public Sector Human Resources
  • PSA.pll – Public Sector Applications
  • PSB.pll – Public Sector Budgeting
  • OPM.pll- Process Manufacturing
  • APPCORE2.pll – Application standards (for CUSTOM.pll)
  • VERT1.pll
  • VERT2.pll
  • VERT3.pll
  • VERT4.pll
  • VERT5.pll
  • IGI_CBC.pll
  • IGI_CC.pll
  • IGI_CIS.pll
  • IGI_DOS.pll
  • IGI_EXP.pll
  • IGI_IAC.pll
  • IGI_MHC.pll
  • IGI_SIA.pll
  • IGI_STP.pll

Please Note,

All the libraries mentioned above are the standard common libraries. There are also application-specific libraries e.g order entry form has additional libraries including above one for the specific functionality of the form and related forms.

You can also create your own PLL and attach it for the form to reuse the code.


PLLs helps you to code once and reuse the same logic in multiple forms. We have given list of all Common Standard PLL in Oracle Apps R12.