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Concurrent program executable options in Oracle Apps

You might have noticed Executable options field while defining a concurrent program in Oracle Apps.

What is the significance of executable options?


Executable options allow passing runtime parameter to executable. Mostly it is used for executable based on Oracle Report or XML Publisher.

In this article, let’s see the significance of executable options field while defining concurrent program in Oracle Apps.

If you define a concurrent program with the bit-mapped version of Oracle Reports, you must set the execution option field to “VERSION=2.0b”. You can also pass ORIENTATION= and PAGESIZE=x parameters to your bitmapped Oracle Reports program. Units of width and height are set in your Oracle Reports program. There should be no space before or after the execution options values. The parameters should be separated by only a single space.


Every report is defined to Oracle Applications as a Concurrent Program. You can decide on the output format of the report. Navigate to Concurrent > Program > Define to define options.
The choices are as follows:

  • Text
  • Postscript
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Binary

Oracle runs a program called ar60run to process a report with the Output Format set to “Text”. ar60runb handles the other formats.

  • ar60run – handles character-mode reports
  • ar60runb – handles bit-mapped reports

Character-mode reports take their dimensions (rows and columns) and orientation from the Print Style. Bit-mapped reports take their dimensions and orientation from the report definition. You can override it with “Execution Options” field. Put a value into the “Execution Options” field as follows:


You may get “REP-1212″ error if you specify dimensions with the PAGESIZE parameter smaller than what the report was designed for. To override orientation, put a value


There should be no spaces before or after the options. Use single space to separate more than one execution options.


Other Executable Options:


This option is applicable to Unix host based concurrent program. Oracle apps pass apps login username and password in variable $1 or $FCP_LOGIN. If option is set to SECURE no password is passed to $1 and $FCP_LOGIN


This option does not pass any password $1 or $FCP_LOGIN.


These options are applicable to Oracle Report based concurrent program where you can control the layout of the output.


JVM heap size

This option controls JVM heap size for XMP Publisher based concurrent program.

-mx2048m -ms512m