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DBMS_UTILITY.GET_TIME in Oracle Database

DBMS_UTILITY.GET_TIME is a function available in Oracle Database to get time in millisecond. You need to divide it by 100 to get time in seconds.

Below is the syntax,


The return type is number and in some cases, it is negative as well.


Now, let’s understand the working of dbms_utility.get_time function with some examples. This is a function, so you can simply write below SQL query to get the time.

SELECT dbms_utility.get_time FROM DUAL;

In PL/SQL, define a local variable and use the above query using the into clause.

SELECT dbms_utility.get_time INTO l_time FROM DUAL;

Alternatively, you can also call the function in the assignment operator as shown below.

 l_time :=  dbms_utility.get_time;

How to use dbms_utility.get_time to calculate the elapsed time for a procedure?

Call this function at the beginning of the procedure and store returned time in a variable. Again call the function when the procedure completes. Now, just subtract the time to get the elapsed time for that procedure.

There is a good discussion happening on about this utility. I would recommend reading it.