How to Install Oracle 11G Database on Windows 10

This article explains how to install Oracle 11G release 2 Database on Windows 10. These instructions should also work on Windows 7, Windows 8.

Download 11G Database

Click to Download Oracle 11G database. You need an Oracle account to download any software. Click on Accept License Agreement. Enter the username and password.


Download Oracle Database 11G
Download both,

Below are the step by stape installation steps.

Installing 11G Database

Next, unzip both the zip files in the same folders. If you unzip in different folder then copy stage folder from win64_11gR2_database_2of2\database\ to \win64_11gR2_database_1of2\database\ folder.

Now click on setup.exe file to start the installation. Oracle quickly does the pre-requisite check and launches the Universal Installer.

Oracle database 11g install starts

Configure Security Updates

Provide your email address to receive security issue information. It is optional. Unselect I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support.

If you have this information you can enter it.

Installation option

Now select the database installation option.

oracle 11 g install option

  • Create and configure database – This option creates and configures a database.
  • Install database software only – This installs only database software. Post-installation you need to manually create and configure database.
  • Upgrade existing database – This upgrades the existing database.

Select the default and click the Next button.

System Class

Select either Desktop Class or Server Class and click Next button.

Database configuration

Installed defaults all basis configuration like Oracle base, Software location, Database file location. Click browse and select a different location to change it.

The installer creates a global database with the name orcl. Enter Administrative password and enter the same password in Confirm Password field and click Next


This screen shows a summary of the installation. Review it. If it is fine click on the Finish button or click on the Back button to change.

Install Product

The installer starts and copies all necessary files.

Click Allow Access.

Database Configuration Assistant

The installer creates and configures the database.

Below popups shows database information. Click Ok to finish the installation.


In this guide, we explained how to install Oracle Database 11G Release 2 on Windows.