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Pre-Built Developer VMs (for Oracle VM VirtualBox) – learn Oracle Database, Linux, SOA, APEX

Pre-Built Developer VMs (for Oracle VM VirtualBox) helps you to import pre-built and ready to use development virtual machines directly to Virtualbox. No need to install an operating system or any other software except, you need Virtualbox Installed on your desktop. There are VMs available for Oracle Database, APEX, SOA Suite, Linux, Solaris and other Oracle Technologies. It helps you to quickly build your development environment for learning and evaluation purpose.

Oracle provides most of the development tool as free to download for learning and evaluation. You can download and install Oracle Database 12C Enterprise Edition. It is comparatively easy to download and install a single database and maintain it.

But what about Oracle SOA suite? You need to install Linux, SOA suite, JDK, JDeveloper, etc. It would be difficult to install and maintain it unless you have expertise in it. You may end spending time on multiple cycles on the install process and face issue.

Instead, you can use pre-built Oracle VMs. You can download and import and use these pre-built VM for leaning purpose. These pre-built VMs are available for Oracle Virtualbox and ready to use. Note, It is not for production or redistribution purpose. Only for learning……. So let’s see a list of pre-built Oracle VMs.

Pre-Built Developer VMs

Below is the complete list of Pre-build Oracle Virtual Machine with links showing Download and Installation information.


What do you need to use these VMS?

These all VMs are pre-configured with Operating system and all supporting software required for respective technology. These works with only Oracle VirtualBox. So pre-requisite is you need to install Oracle Virtual box to use these VMS on your desktop.

What is Virtualbox?

Oracle Virtualbox allows you to install multiple operating systems on a single desktop. The desktop has its owns operating system, it can be Windows or Linux. It is called as host operating system. Using virtual box, you can install multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and many other supported by Virtualbox. These are called guest operating system. All guest operating-system works independently and use allocated hardware resource while creating those.