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How to Clear the OA Framework cache in Oracle Apps

Oracle Apps uses a cache mechanism to cache frequently used resources like static pages, images, javascript, etc. to reduce OAF page load time. This helps to improve performance, but it creates a problem when a new web-based responsibility is assigned to the user.

The user gets the below error when trying to open the responsibility.

“XXX is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator.”

This error is applicable only to Web-HTML/OAF-based responsibilities like Receivable inquiry, iExpense, and iSupplier.

To resolve this error, clear the OA Framework Cache as explained below. These instructions should work for Oracle Apps 11i and R12 release.

Clear the OA Framework cache

Clearing the OA Framework cache in a PRODUCTION instance can cause data issues if multiple users are engaged and transacting data in the application at the time the cache is cleared.

So be careful…………..

Note:- It does not work in Internet Explorer so do it in Google Chrome.

Follow the below steps to clear OA framework cache in Oracle.

Log in to Oracle Apps and Navigate to Functional Administrator responsibility. This opens an OAF page as shown below.

Click on Core Services.

Click Core Services

Next, click on Caching Framework link

Catching Framework

Select the Global Configuration menu available on the right-hand side and click Clear All Cache button.

Oracle apps warn you, that this action will clear all the caches across all the mid-ties, and this will impact performance. Click the Yes button to continue. Post that click the Apply button.

Clear Cache Warning

Oracle apps confirm back with the below message that the cache is successfully cleared.

You may observe slowness till the time apps rebuild the cache.


This is the best method to clear Oracle Apps Cache without bouncing the Middle Ware, but you should be careful when doing it on the production instance.

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